About Us

Boosted Performance offers comprehensive tuning solutions in Des Moines, Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando and Colorado Springs.  We founded our tuning business in 2014 in Des Moines, IA and this location still serves as our home base but we travel to all of the other tuning locations on a regular basis. Each location has an All-Wheel-Drive dyno that can be utilized for an ideally calibrated tune for any setup.  We also offer remote (E-Tuning) services directly to customers and through a number of trusted shops.  In addition to our tuning services, we offer free consultation to get to get your car setup and ready for tuning.  We offer a number of specific tuning packages to meet common needs and we can put together a custom tuning package to cover any needs while still meeting your budget.  We also sell a good selection of parts that we've specifically chosen to sell based on our experience and how they will work with our tuning.

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