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Des Moines, IA - Boosted Performance

Dyno tuning in Des Moines is done on our own dyno located inside Paragon Performance in Waukee, IA which is just West of Des Moines.  Boosted Performance handles the dyno scheduling so please contact us directly for dyno tuning in Des Moines.  From this location we serve all of Iowa and several other major markets including Omaha, Kansas City, Minneapolis and any other surrounding areas not served by one of our closer dyno tuning locations.

If you need mechanical work or a pre-dyno inspection we highly recommend Central Imports in Norwalk and Russ's Garage in Omaha.  At this time we don't specific recommendations in other markets but plenty of options exist that can competently get you ready for tuning.

Dyno rates here include flat rate dyno time only.  Pre-dyno inspections can be arrange at Central Imports (Des Moines area), Russ's Garage (Omaha area) or at a shop of your choice and is recommended.

Stock turbo: $650

Upgraded turbo: $700

Rotated turbo: $850
Second fuel type or Flex fuel: $250


N/A any mods: $600

Turbo/Supercharged: $750

Second fuel type of Flex fuel: $250

MK Supra / BMW B58 with Ecutek

Stock turbo, license needed: $1200  (Includes the needed Ecutek License & Unlocking Service)

Stock turbo, existing license: $700  (You must already have an Ecutek license on your ECU)


R35 GT-R

Stock turbos: $700

Upgraded turbos: $850

Second fuel type or Flex fuel: $250

Evo X / Focus RS and ST / VW Golf R and GTI

Stock turbo: $600

Upgraded turbo: $700

Second fuel type: $250

Stand-alone ECU Tuning (Motec, Haltech, AEM, Link, EcuMasters, etc)

Email us for pricing

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