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Dyno Tuning - Six Star Motorsports

Dyno tuning in Chicago is handled by Six Star Motorsports with Boosted Performance providing the tuning.  We are directly affiliated and work exclusively with Six Star Motorsports in the Chicago market.  You can contact them directly to arrange tuning with us.

Dyno rates at Six Star Motorsports include flat rate dyno time and a pre-dyno inspection.  The inspection can be opted out of on certain vehicles but is required for most and recommended for all. 

The dyno tune and tuning service is purchased upfront from Boosted Performance using the appropriate option below.  This locks in a spot for an upcoming tuning session and gets you a safe base map to use.  Dyno rental, strapping and pre-dyno inspection costs are paid directly to Six Star at the time of service.

Please follow these steps to get scheduled for a dyno tune at Six Star Motorsports 


1. Purchase the appropriate Six Star Motorsports dyno tune


2. Submit your information and request a base tune HERE

3. Contact Six Star Motorsports directly to schedule your dyno tune or coordinate installation of parts in addition to tuning

If you need to break in a new engine before scheduling, please use our break-in tune option under E-Tuning  You will get a credit you can use towards your dyno tune when you are ready to schedule it.

Approximate total cost including dyno rental, strapping and inspection:

Stock turbo: $800

Upgraded turbo: $850

Rotated turbo: $900
Second fuel type: $200

Flex Fuel tuning: $250


N/A any mods: $750

Turbo/Supercharged: $900

Second fuel type: $200

Flex Fuel tuning: $250

R35 GT-R

Stock turbo: $800

Upgraded turbo: $900

Second fuel type: $200

Flex Fuel tuning: $250

Evo X / Focus RS and ST / VW Golf R and GTI

Stock turbo: $800

Upgraded turbo: $850

Second fuel type: $200

MK5 Supra / BMW B58 with Ecutek

Stock turbo, license needed: $1275  (Includes the needed Ecutek License & Unlocking Service)

Stock turbo, existing license: $775  (You must already have an Ecutek license on your ECU)

Stand-alone ECU Tuning:

Motec, Haltech, Link ECU, EcuMasters

Email us for pricing

Chicago area - Six Star Motorsports 

(224) 653-9626

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