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AccessPort Logging

Follow the instructions below and watch the video at the bottom to setup your Cobb AccessPort to log the information what we need to see when tuning your car.  You will need to use Cobb AccessPort Manager to load the configuration file to your AP as well as to get logs from your AP.  If you do not have it installed, you can download it for free from Cobb.  It is also good to make sure your AccessPort is up to date when you connect to AccessPort Manager.  If you are missing the micro USB cable to connect your AP to your computer, you can use any common micro USB cable or get a replacement any number of places.  

1. Download the appropriate logging config file for your type of tune

For all 2015+ WRX models with the FA20 engine, use the Subaru FA20 Logging file.  For other EJ engine based models, choose the appropriate file for Mass Air Flow (MAF) based tuning or Speed Density (SD) based tuning.  SD tuning requires your car to have been specifically converted to this type of tuning.  If this has not been done, your tune is MAF based.  If you have Flex Fuel hardware added to your car, please use the appropriate FlexFuel config file for your tuning style.

2. Transfer the logging config file to your AccessPort

Connect your AccessPort to your computer, run Cobb AccessPort manager and then connect to your AccessPort with AccessPort manager. Once connected, open the folder location on your computer where you saved the preset file.  This is likely your downloads folder.  Drag the preset file to the AccessPort Manager window and it should transfer the file to the AccessPort.  You can now eject the AccessPort from AccessPort manager and unplug it from your computer.

3. Apply the logger config file

Connect your AccessPort to your car and turn your key to the full on position.  You do not need to start the engine.  On the AccessPort, go to the Gauges screen.  Then, click the "up" button on the AP to select the green arrow and click the center to button.  When the new menu comes up, click "Configure Datalogging".  This screen allows you to manually select or deselect items if we ask you to do so.  From here, click "up" again and then the center button to go into another menu.  From this menu, choose "Load A Datalog Preset" and then choose the logger config you downloaded below.  At this point you can back out to the gauge screen and you are ready to datalog the car.

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