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Subaru Burble Tunes

Add some pops & bangs (burbles) to your Subaru

Why should other brands of cars have all the fun.  Our Subaru Burble Tune feature creates the the exhaust pops on deceleration using a similar approach as what stock tunes do for many other brands of cars.

We can create a new burble map from your custom tune if the tune was done by us or we can add it to the OTS map you use for you car.

We cannot add our burble tune to a custom tune from another tuner nor does the OTS Burble option support modifications outside of what the OTS maps support.  In these cases you need to purchase our custom tune and add on the burble option.

If you purchase an OTS Burble Tune, you must send us your OTS map and AP Serial number.

If you purchase a Burble Tune for an existing custom tune from us, you do not need to send anything.

You must request your burble tune by sending an email to:


Subaru Burble Tunes

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