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Subaru Burble Tune

What the heck is a burble tune? 


This concept goes by a lot of names.  We call it "burble" but it can also be referred to as "pops and bangs", "crackle" as well as other names.  No matter the name, it is the term for the effect we can add that causes these noises out of the exhaust when you lift off the throttle and the car is coasting in gear.  This is the same effect that many brand new cars, such as many BMWs, do from the factory on purpose to make the exact sound sporty.  We set it up to work above normal driving rpms so that you can enjoy the sound when you want it but under normal driving conditions, you do not have the effect happing constantly.

Is it safe to use? 


Generally speaking, yes but since we don't have the same OEM level of control over this feature as some other cars, there are a few things to consider before using it.  We do not recommend it or offer for stock down-pipe cars as it can risk hurting the catalytic converter.  Aftermarket, high flow catted down-pipes do not have any issues from our experience so they are safe to have an still enjoy the burble effect.  We also recommend not using the burble feature excessively, meaning do not purposely drive into the area where it happens, over and over.

How loud will it be?


This depends largely on your exhaust.  A very muffled/quiet exhaust will be have a much quieter effect while a loud exhaust will naturally make the effect louder.  We can't force it to be really loud and doing so could even be harmful.  We set it up to try to have a more modest, sporty sound, similar to what you hear with a stock BMW (for example) that has this feature.  We can adjust how loud it is to some degree but we don't recommend having it so loud that you risk drawing unwanted attention to your car.

What does it sound like?

Here is an example of what this sounds like on a 2005 STi.

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