E-Tuning, also known as remote tuning, is a process of tuning a car over the internet by using datalogs and tuning updates until the car is fully tuned.  All areas of the tune are adjusted just like they would be in person.  We make E-Tuning as simple as possible by providing clear instructions on how to log the car and by being able to troubleshoot many issues by looking at logs.  There is no time limit on the E-Tuning process and no limit on the number of revisions.  We will go back and forth with logs and tune revisions until the car is fully tuned in.

How to get E-Tuned

1. Purchase the appropriate E-Tuning option here: https://www.boostedperformancetuning.com/subaru-e-tuning

2. Fill out the customer info form here: Customer Info Form

3. Request your initial tune by emailing basetune@boostedperformancetuning.com

4. Wait for your initial tune to be emailed to you and then follow the instructions to log the car

5. Email your log files to logs@boostedperformancetuning.com

6. Flash the tune revision you receive and do the new requested logs and send them back

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until the car is fully tuned :)

E-Tuning requirements:

- Laptop or PC

- Cobb AccessPort V2 or V3 for 2004+ STi and 2006+ WRX

- Cobb AccessPort manager (download here) for managing maps/logs on the Cobb AP

- Tactrix Openport flash cable for JDM ECUs or 2002-2005 WRX with light bolt-ons

- Ecuflash & RomRaider logger if using a Tactrix flash cable

- Wideband AFR gauge is strongly recommended on all EJ engine Subarus and required on many setups

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