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BPT Consulting Service

BPT Consulting Service

Planning a big build? 


Have a power goal but no idea how to get there?


We love to help but consulting on big builds or helping people reach certain goals, and doing it very well and very thorougly takes a lot of time and effort.  Purchasing our consulting service allows us to spend that time with you to plan a build or reach power goals.  It is not intended for quick questions or asking which tune you need.  We can answer those questions quickly and for free.  This is for anything beyond those basic questions.  If you aren't sure, please ask before purchasing this service.


You are not obligatged to tune with us even if we consult with you, but we sure hope you do so we offer a $50 credit on your E-Tune or dyno tune if you use our consulting service and then use us for your tuning as well.

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