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Subaru Dyno Tune - Six Star Motorsports

Subaru Dyno Tune - Six Star Motorsports

Wanting to get your Subaru tuned at Six Star Motorsports in the Chicago area?


This is what you need.


The base starting price is for a stock turbo and single fuel type.  The price changes for different turbo types and fuel mapping.


This purchase pays for a custom dyno tune session done in person by Graham from Boosted Performance Tuning at the Six Star Motorsports dyno tuning location in Shaumburg, IL.  Dyno rental, strapping cost and predyno inspection costs are additional and paid directly to Six Star Motorsports are services are received. 


What this purchase includes:

  • A custom dyno tune from Graham @ Boosted Performance Tuning
  • In person tuning by Graham, performed at Six Star Motorsports
  • A safe base tune to use until your tune session 
  • The ability to schedule and confirm a spot for an upcoming tuning session 


What this purchase does not include (paid at Six Star separately):

  • Dyno rental 
  • Dyno strapping
  • Pre Dyno Inpection 





  • Stock - any stock Subaru turbo is acceptable, even if it did not orginally come on your model
  • Upgraded - any stock location, non rotated upgraded turbo, ie, 20g, FP Blue/Green/Red/Black, etc
  • Rotated - any rotated turbo kit, ie PTE 6266/6466/etc, GTX30r/35r, etc


Fuel map:

  • Single - any one fuel type, can be pump gas (91oct, 93oct), or pump E85
  • Dual - two separate fuel maps, can be pump gas, race gas, E85, etc
  • Flex Fuel - covers full flex fuel tuning of pump gas and blending in Ethanol during the tuning



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