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GT-R E-Tuning

Get a custom Cobb AccessPort E-Tune for your R35 GT-R

If you have any questions about which tune you need to purchase, call or send us an email.

A note about E-Tuning: E-Tuning is meant to be a convenience for those that cannot get to us in person on the dyno, not as a cheap way to get the same tune.  While you will get a solid and safe tune, you will always get a more fine tuned calibration if we can tune your car in person on a dyno and it will get completed in one shot.  Additionally, because our service is done as a convenience, it is prioritized lower than our dyno customers so during heavy work loads through the peak season times, E-Tuning will be slower to start and complete and this is reflected in the lower cost.

What to expect: We try to deliver the first revision on your E-Tune in 1-3 business days.  Revision updates can take 1-7 days with the average being closer to 3-5 days but it all depends on our workload of dyno tuning.


Legal modifications are required: In compliance with the EPA Clean Air Act, we can only tune your car if it retains all the original emissions control devices as we do not modify any emissions control areas of the ECU calibration.  If your vehicle is not registered for road use and is a true off-road racing or competition use vehicle, please contact us for verification before purchasing tuning.

R35 GT-R Tune Options

R35 GT-R Tune Updates

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