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Subaru FA24 Upgraded Turbo

Subaru FA24 Upgraded Turbo

This option is for doing a remote (email) tune on a completely stock 2022+ Subaru WRX with an FA24 engine and any bolt-on supporting mods and an upgraded turbocharger.


Estimated power:

91-93oct fuel: 350-390 whp / 370-380 wtrq depending on mods

E40 Blend: 380-420 whp / 390-400 wtrq depending on mods

  • E40 Tune Add On - $200

    This option will give you an additional map for E40 which is a blend of 40% ethanol and gas created by mixing approximately half premium pump gas fuel with half E85 while you are at the gas station. 

    This map can make an additional 40-50 whp and 20-30 torque more than pump depending on mods.  We do purposely keep peak torque limited to protect the transmission and extend clutch life. 

$400.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price
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