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Subaru FA24 Stage1 E40 Flash&Go

Subaru FA24 Stage1 E40 Flash&Go

Our E40 FA24 Flash & Go tune supports a stock intake or any current intake avilable and is specifically for an E40 blend of fuel .  We send a specific tune file for your intake and an E40 ethanol mix.  Your J-Pipe needs to be stock but you may have any catback exhaust you like and may also have an upgraded bypass valve.


This tune options adds a big increase over both stock and Cobb OTS Stage 1 that you can immediately feel and enjoy without needing do any logging or tune updates but because this is a flash and go type tune, we keep it a bit more on the conservative side of things but this also keep ths price lower.


You can send us logs if you are having any issues or seeing anything unsual with your car and we will review them and dicuss it with you.


You can also do this as a custom tune if you'd like or update to a custom tune at any time by just paying the for the $100 custom tune available separately. 


After you purchase this Flash & Go tune, please sent us an email to:

Subject: Flash & Go Tune E40 - Your Order Number


In the email provide: Year, transmission type, intake type, AccessPort Serial Number (SUB06XXXXX)


Estimated power:

330-350 whp / 380-400 torque


  • Burble Tune Add-On - $50

    Add some some light crackles, pops or burble (whatever  you like to call them) to your exahust when you lift the throttle above 3000 rpms.

    We do this just like OEM Audi/VW/Ford, etc and it can be setup to your liking but we do not make loud or aggressive nor is it going to "shoot flames".  

    This is done as a completely separate tune that you can flash when you want it and flash back to your regular map when you don't.

    The sounds is based a lot on your catback exhaust.  This video can give you an idea what this effect sounds like:

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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