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Subaru FA24 E40

Subaru FA24 E40

This option is for doing a remote (email) tune on a completely stock 2022+ Subaru WRX with an FA24 engine and any bolt-on supporting mods as long as the turbo remains stock.  


This tune is specifically for doing an E40 blend tune which means blending approximately half premium fuel with half E85 at the gas station.  The mixture does not need to be perfect nor do we need a flex fuel sensor for this tune option due to how we are able to tune this engine.


Estimated power:

E40 Blend: 330-400 whp / 390-400 wtrq depending on mods

  • Burble Tune Add-On - $50

    Add some some light crackles, pops or burble (whatever  you like to call them) to your exahust when you lift the throttle above 3000 rpms.

    We do this just like OEM Audi/VW/Ford, etc and it can be setup to your liking but we do not make loud or aggressive nor is it going to "shoot flames".  

    This is done as a completely separate tune that you can flash when you want it and flash back to your regular map when you don't.

    The sounds is based a lot on your catback exhaust.  This video can give you an idea what this effect sounds like:

$350.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
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