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Subaru EJ Stock Turbo

Subaru EJ Stock Turbo

This option is for doing a custom remote (email) tune on a Subaru with an EJ25 or EJ20 engine with a stock turbo charger and pump gas fuel.  Any other supporting modifications are allowed including intake, exhaust, fueling upgrades, intercooler upgrades, headers, etc as long as the turbo itself remains stock.


Estimated power:

290-320 whp / 340-370 wtrq depending on modifcations and fuel type


Add ons:


Burble Map ($50) -

This is an extra map that will give the car a "burble" or popping exhaust sound when coasting in gear.  The feature is active above 3000 rpms and only when coasting (decellerating).  The effect and sound will depend on your exhaust system.  The more open it is, the louder the effect.  Stage 1 cars or Stage 2 cars with resitricive muffling may not be able to hear the effect very well.


E85 / Flex Fuel Tuning ($200) 

If you have the supporting mods for E85, which include upgraded fuel injectors and fuel pump, you can use this option to add on a second separate tune for E85 or do a Flex Fuel tune when using tuning solutions that support it.

Upgraded Injectors ($50)

This option is needed if you are using upgraded injectors with your setup which means anything larger than stock, for example, ID1050x or larger.  Tuning for upgraded injectors is included if you are already purchasing the E85/Flex add-on map option.

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