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Subaru Break-In / Base Tune

Subaru Break-In / Base Tune

This tune option is for anyone that needs a long-term break-in or base tune for their Subaru.  If you purcahse an E-tune or schedule an in-person tune with us, a base tune is included so you would not need this tune option.  This option is for someone that needs to be on a base tune for a while or wants to do a long break-in and come get tuned later.  You can even use this option to get a safe base tune to get your car to another shop for tuning if needed.  


If you purchase this base tune and schedule an in-person tune within two months, you get a full $50 credit towards that tune.  After two months, you are required to pay normal price for your tuning session.


This tune will be rev/throttle limited, low boost, and very conservative over-all.  It is meant to be safe enough to be driven across the country but not intended for hard driving and will now allow it with the limiters in place.

Reviewing logs and updating the base tune as needed is included in the price.

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