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Injector Dynamics Top Feed Conversion Kit

Injector Dynamics Top Feed Conversion Kit

This is a complete top feed conversion for your 2004-2006 STi or 2005-2006 Legacy GT.  This kit includes top feed conversion fuel rails, a set of injecotrs of your choice, pre-made fuel lines ready to run and a set of four plug and play adapters for the injectrors.


The 2004-2006 STi and 2005-2006 LGT came with side feed style fuel inejctors which are a very poor design that is prone to clogging and misfires, especially in larger sizes.  When upgrade injectors, it is recommended to convert to top feed which is what this kit does.


You have the option to choose different injectrors for the package with an upcharge.  We recommend upgrade for these rough power goals if you plan to use E85 fuel:


400   whp: ID1050x  (standard option)

500   whp: ID1300    (+ $350)

650   whp: ID1700    (+ $450)

700+ whp: ID2000    (+ $425)

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