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GR86 / BRZ Ecutek E-Tune - Boosted

GR86 / BRZ Ecutek E-Tune - Boosted

Get a custom Ecutek E-Tune for your turbo or supercharged GR86 FR-S or BRZ. 


A supercharged or turbo kit on the GR86 is VERY potent.  On pump gas we can see 300-350 whp and on E85 we can see 350-450+ depending on your setup, supporting mods and the boost level.


All tunes feature a quiet cold start and rev hang removal. 


You will need an Ecutek Flash kit and an Ecutek Ecu PhoneFlash license to use this tune.  You can add both as an options to this tune and we will ship you an Ecutek Connect Kit and supply you the flash points to license your ECU when we send your tune.  If you have a flash kit already, you can just buy the Ecu license.  If yoru ECU is licensed but you have no flash kit, you can order a flash device from us under the Shop - Ecutek section and you can also purchase a phone flash license if you want to flash your ECU with your phone.


Fuel Mapping: 

Single Fuel (included) -
tune for any one fuel type, including E85.

Dual Fuel ($200) - two separate fuel types that can include different octane types or E85

Flex Fuel ($250) - full flex fuel mapping - requires a flex fuel kit


 If you are interested in a flex fuel kit, we recommend and sell this one:

All Ecutek custom racerom features are included and available including:

4 way map swtiching

Flex Fuel (with a canbus Flex Fuel Kit added)
Adjustable launch control (MT Only)

Flat Foot (No Lift) shift (MT Only)
Auto-Blip (Rev Match) downshift (MT Only)


We can also do a burble mode that will be a separate map mode or map you can swtich to.  This map will make the car's exhaust crackle or pop and bang on very light throttle application above a certain RPM.


  • Features

    +23-35 whp and +25-40 torque depending on mods and fuel type

    All racerom features included

    Quiet cold start

    Rev hang removal
    Engine safties

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