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GR86 - Flex Fuel Kit

GR86 - Flex Fuel Kit

The Delicious Tuning - CANBUS FlexFuel for EcuTek takes all the guess work out of determining what the ethanol/gasoline (petrol) ratio is in your vehicle. Our FlexFuel system determines the content ratio between gasoline and ethanol content in the fuel. It then sends a signal to the ECU which dynamically computes the correct air/fuel ratios, ignition timing values, boost levels (if applicable) and more based on the ethanol content.


CANBus Integration - The CAN Flex Fuel Kit communicates over the vehicles CANBus network, because of that, no sensors are removed from the vehicle, no codes are disabled or altered, and the the installation is 100% plug-n-play with no wires are run into the passenger compartment. 


Connector Type


There are two different connectors in use with a change over from 11 pin to 8 pin that happened in 2022.  Most 23 and 24 models should have an 8 pin connector.  Earlier 22 models should have an 11 pin connector. Please check your connector and make the correct selection before ordering. Refer to the product photos to see each type. The connector is mounted in front of the driver side strut tower.

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