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Cobb Fuel Pressure Kit

Cobb Fuel Pressure Kit

This is the COBB Tuning Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit. This is a plug and play solution that allows the user to monitor fuel pressure on a Custom Accessport Monitor. This sensor kit will come with OEM quality connectors making the fit and finish almost as if it were from the factory. And since this kit utilizes existing factory inputs, this kit will allow users to easily monitor fuel pressure on your vehicle. 


Why is this sensor important for your vehicle? If you have a turbocharged vehicle chances are that at some point you will go down the path of modification. With that said your fuel system is imperative to the overall well-being of your vehicle. If you are not hitting your base fuel pressure under idle, or more importantly under boost then this undiagnosed issue could lead to leaning out the engine. Additionally, monitoring your fuel pressure is a great tool to diagnose a weak fuel pump or clogged injectors if you are below the pressure strike zone. 


The COBB Tuning Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit will come with the sensor, wiring harness, as well as zip-ties to make this kit ready for installation. 


Please note - if you are planning to purcahse the Cobb Flex Fuel kit, you should add-on this fuel pressure kit as the cost savings is $25 buying the two things together.  Purchase this kit if you already have an ethanol sensor setup or if you just want to add fuel pressure monitoring.

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