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BPT E-Tune Scheduled Priority Add-On

BPT E-Tune Scheduled Priority Add-On

This option updates your E-Tune to scheduled priority which means we contact you via Facebook messenger or text to arrange a specific window of time to get you E-Tune completed in one shot. 

We typically do this in a 2-4 hour window of time and we want you to have a wifi hot spot for sending logs with a laptop or be able to get back home quickly to send logs from a desktop PC.

If a mechanical issue gets in the way of completing the tune in your scheduled window, you will still retain rush priority on your tune which means daily updates until the tune is complete.

This can be added to any on-going E-Tune at any time. 

  • Check out instructions

    Reply back to your ticket email with the order number for this add-on purchase and you can also send us a text to our busines number or message us on the website chat to let us know so we can update your ticket immediately and schedule your E-Tuning window of time.

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