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Subaru Link G4X Plug In ECU

Subaru Link G4X Plug In ECU

The Subaru Link G4X PlugIn ECUs offer the latest in engine management technology, designed to easily maximize the potential from your car.  This ECU fits inside the factory OEM enclosure. Installation is a breeze, with no alteration of the factory wiring loom required for the models listed below. 


We recommend these ECUs when you plan to use your Subaru for a heavy motorsports application such as road racing, time attack, or drag racing.  This ECU provides much more control and engine safties than we can can achieve using the stock ECU.


It is strongly recommended to add-on the Link CAN AFR module for the best possible to fuel control although it is possible to use the output from a wideband AFR gauge for fuel control if you wish but this is not the best method for full time fuel control with the ECU.  Adding on the CAN Lambda module will also include a PCB adapter plug that connects to the ECU and provides an input for the CAN High and Low wires from the ECU. 


If you need additional inputs for things like flex fuel, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, etc, it is recommended to add the expanson harness for some extra inputs.  There are some spare inputs available depending on your setup.


Base tuning and full E-Tuning for Link ECU is available HERE to puchase as well.

  • Support Models

    2002-2010 USDM Subaru WRX/STi

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