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Subaru FA20 Upgraded Turbo

Subaru FA20 Upgraded Turbo

This option is for doing a tune on a 2015 - 2021Subaru WRX with the FA20 engine.  Your turbocharger can be upgraded and you can have any supporting mods.  This includes stock turbos that have been upgraded. 


We require having a 3 port boost controller with an aftermarket turbo.


Estimated power:

320-340 whp / 330-340 wtrq on 91 - 91oct

350-410 whp / 350-380 wtrq on E40+ ethanol blends

We will limit power/torque depending on your engine, transmission and fueling upgrades to keep things safe. 


Add ons:


Flex Fuel ($250)

Add Flex Fuel mapping onto your tune to run any blend of E85.  We strongly recommend an upgraded in-tank pump for running higher than an E50 blend.  Flex Fuel can add up to 50-80 whp on an FA20 engine depending on modications.


E40 Map ($200)

This option will give you a tune for an E40 mixture of ethanol and gas in addition to a regular gas only tune.  An E40 mixture is done by mixing half regular premium fuel with half E85 at the pump.  It is safe to do this with any modications and even with a stock in-tank fuel pump but can upgraded pump can be done.  E40 can typically add 30-50 whp depending on modifications.


E60 ($200)

Add a separate E60 map.  We strongly recommend an upgraded in-tank pump to do an E60 tune.  Blending to E60 requires using 2-3 gallons of premium fuel and the rest is E85.  Our E60 tune can handle a good varience in the blend so you just need to be close. E60 can add up to 50-70 whp on an FA20 engine depending on modications.


Burble Map ($50) -

This is an extra map that will give the car a "burble" or popping exhaust sound when coasting in gear.  The feature is active above 3000 rpms and only when coasting (decellerating).  The effect and sound will depend on your exhaust system.  The more open it is, the louder the effect.  Stage 1 cars or Stage 2 cars with resitricive muffling may not be able to hear the effect very well.

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