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Subaru FA20 E60

Subaru FA20 E60

This option is for doing a remote (email) tune on a Subaru WRX with the FA20 engine with a stock turbo, any mods and using an E60 ethanol blend for fuel. To blend to E60, you mix 2-3 gallons of premium fuel with the rest being E85 to blend a ful tank.  For a half tank you would mix 1 to 1.5 gallons and the rest E85.  Our tuning can handle the varience in ethanol blends you might encounter from summer to winter and your engine will run consistent as long as you mix half and half on each fill up.


* We strongly recommend an upgraded in-tank fuel pump when running E60 blends


Estimated power:

360-380 whp / 340-350 wtrq depending on modifcations


Add on options:


Burble Map ($50) -

This is an extra map that will give the car a "burble" or popping exhaust sound when coasting in gear. The feature is active above 3000 rpms and only when coasting (decellerating). The effect and sound will depend on your exhaust system. The more open it is, the louder the effect.

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