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Subaru Ecutek License

Subaru Ecutek License

This option is for purchasing a tuning license (also known as flash points) for your Subaru.  This will get you the 225 flash points needed to license your ECU. 


You must already have an Ecutek Tuning kit hat you can use to license your ECU.  For vehicles supported by PhoneFlash, you do not need the ProECU USB Dongle as everything can be done using a smart phone.  If you already have a ProECU USB Dongle with your flash kit, you can use that to license and tune your ECU using a laptop and you do not need to use PhoneFlash.


If you have the ProECU Dongle and want to use it, you will need to provide us the Dongle ID and Registration code which you can find by running the Ecutek App Downloader from here:




  • PhoneFlash

    The PhoneFlash option adds the ability to flash maps and take datalogs directly from your smart phone using the Ecutek Connect app.  You do not need to use a laptop or USB dongle at all.  All maps and logs are send automaticially to us through the cloud.

    This option is required if you only have an Ecutek Bluetooth Dongle tuning kit and do not have the ProECU USB key.  

    This is optional if you do have a ProECU USB key if you wish to use a laptop for flashing and logging.

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