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SSE Track Map

SSE Track Map

This option is for existing tuning customers to purchase a discounted track map for your Subaru if you are registered for the Subaru Speed Expo.  Proof of registration is required.  Track map normal pricing is $200.


A track map is a de-tuned version of your normal "street" custom tune.  Detuning is helpful when running your car hard around the track as the ideal tune settings are different in this environment.  This helps ensure a happy and healthy engine.

With the purchase of this track map, you'll recieve a new map which you can datalog for us before the event and during the event.  We will review the log before the event and can review your logs from the even to update that track map as needed.  If time permits, we wil also try to review track logs at the event if you come visit our booth.

  • Check out instructions

    Please list your changes in the notes section when checking out.

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