Subaru Speed Density

This option is for doing a remote (email) speed density tune. This includes upgraded stock location turbos setups and rotated turbo setups. This tune requires that you have a wideband air to fuel ratio gauge installed in your car and we recommend that the output signal has been connected to an un-used TGV input or the rear o2 sensor input for logging purposes.


Add on options:


Flex Fuel ($200)

Add the flex fuel feature to your E-tune.  This requires that your car be setup withe needed hardware to run flex fuel.  If you are not sure, please ask us before purchasing.

Second Map ($150)

This add on is for a second map which can be for the following things.
- Second fuel type (different octane, race fuel, E85, etc)

- Secondary use map (Track racing, drag racing, etc)


Burble Map ($50) -

This is an extra map that will give the car a "burble" or popping exhaust sound when coasting in gear.  The feature is active above 3000 rpms and only when coasting (decellerating).  The effect and sound will depend on your exhaust system.  The more open it is, the louder the effect.

    Flex Fuel
    Second Map
    Burble Map - $50

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