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EcuTek Connect PhoneFlash Kit

EcuTek Connect PhoneFlash Kit

The EcuTek Connect Programming kit provides everything you need to connect to your ECU in your EcuTek supported vehicle.  This kit allows you to flash tune files, take datalogs, check diagnostic codes and even monitor the engine parameters in real-time over bluetooth using the free EcuTek Connect App on your smart phone.  Some aspects of the tune can be even be adjusted on the fly using the EcuTek Connect App.


This programming kit is needed if you want to do remote or email tuning with us or if you need to flash a base tune to get to the dyno for in-person tuning.  It is also needed if you want to be able to datalog your car and be able to do remote tune updates if needed.  It is also very valuable as a tool to allow you to monitor your engine through the EcuTek connect app over bluetooth.


This tuning kit does not come with the flash points needed to license your ECU so you will need to add that on if you do not have a license on your ECU.


The required flash points depends on your vehicle type.  Use the guide below to determine how many flash points you need to license your ECU.  If you need to license your TCM for transmission tuning, that is available as a separte item in our web store.


275 points covers these models:


  • BRZ / FR-S / GR86
  • Subaru 2008+ 
  • Subaru DIT FA20 2015+
  • VW Audi Group ECU Only
  • Ford EcoBoost
  • Nissan 370Z MY 2008-2018


350 points covers these models:


  • BMW B48 2.0 litre / Toyota Supra 2.0
  • BMW F Series – N55
  • Nissan 370Z MY2019+
  • Nissan GT-R MY 2008-2018
  • Nissan VR30 Twin Turbo


425 points covers these models:


  • BMW B58 / Toyota Supra
  • BMW F Series – S55
  • Nissan GT-R MY 2019+


50 points can be used to convert an existing tune to a PhoneFlash tune

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