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BPT Log Review Service

BPT Log Review Service

This service allows us to review datalog to help troubleshoot issues when you are outside of our support policy windows which are listed below.  

We will use this service to have you send logs and a description of the issue and we will do our best to let you know what the issue(s) might be so you can try to fix them.  If small tuning adjustments can help, we will apply those to your tune.


Support Policy:

Six Months - Within 6 months from the time of completion of a dyno tune or E-Tune we offer free support for any kind of issue that comes up.  We will review logs, videos and your feedback and do our best to help diagnose the issue and give suggestions on how to try to solve it.  An E-Tune is considered complete when we have reviewed final logs or if you have not sent us logs for over 1 month.

One Year - Within 1 year from the time of completion of your tune, we offer free support for anything that is weather related in nature because these are things that can legitimately need tuning adjustments at times.  This is primarily things like boost fluctuations or overboost in very cold weather or knock related issues in very hot weather.  It does not include things like rich or lean fueling codes, misfire issues or codes or really any code other than maybe an overboost code.

  • Check out instructions

    Send an email to and include a detailed description of the issue(s), the troubleshooting items that have already been done and datalogs that are taken while the issue is occuring.  This will generate a support ticket in our system and we'll work with you using that ticket.

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