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Frequently asked questions

What is stage 1 and stage 2?


Stage 1 means there are not modifications to your car at all.  A stage 1 tune can still provide more power and better response over the stock tune so it can still be very much worth doing.  On newer Subarus, it will eliminate a dangerous lean condition that exists often when going into boost.


Stage 2 means you are adding replacing the factory downpipe with an aftermarket one.  These come in two main varieties, catted and catless.  Catless is more free flowing, catted has a small, high flow catalytic converter.  It can have less raw exahust smell and be a little quieter but can cost more as well.



     Rates for tuning are based on the complexity of your setup.  Rates are kept low in an effort to make it as affordable as possible for anyone to have a proper tune on their car.  Rates are also flat, meaning you don't pay more if the tune takes longer than it should and there are never any unexpected costs.  Follow up tuning needed due to  mechanical issues is always offered at a discounted rate and any tweaks that are needed after tuning is complete are done at no extra cost.  Changing your setup won't require paying for an additional full tune; the  re-tuning cost will depend on what is being changed and there is always a discount on re-tunes. 

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