Subaru Stage 1 or 2

This option is for doing a custom remote (email) tune on a Subaru where the car is either stock (Stage 1) or the only modifications allowed include a downpipe and any air intake (Stage 2). 


You may also have a 3 port boost control and an upgraded fuel pump.


Other allowed mods inlclude: Air Pump delete & TGV deletes.


Add ons:


Flex Fuel ($200)

Add the flex fuel feature to your E-tune.  This requires that your car be setup withe needed hardware to run flex fuel.  If you are not sure, please ask us before purchasing.  This option is only applicable to the 2015+ WRX with the FA20 engine with our Stage 1 or 2 tune because only these cars can utilize flex fuel in this form.  The EJ cars require fuel injector upgrades which puts them into the bolt-ons tune category.


Burble Map ($50) -

This is an extra map that will give the car a "burble" or popping exhaust sound when coasting in gear.  The feature is active above 3000 rpms and only when coasting (decellerating).  The effect and sound will depend on your exhaust system.  The more open it is, the louder the effect.  Stage 1 cars or Stage 2 cars with resitricive muffling may not be able to hear the effect very well.

    $300.00 Regular Price
    $250.00Sale Price
    Burble Map - $50
    Flex Fuel (2015+ WRX Only)

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