BPT EJ Stage 2

BPT EJ Stage 2

This package takes your Subaru from stock to Stage 2 with our custom tune.  The package includes a Cobb AccessPort V3, a GrimmSpeed high flow catted downpipe and a GrimmSpeed 3 port boost controller.


Ths stock downpipe on a Subaru is the single most restrictive thing that when upgraded will really allow the engine to breathe.  The high flow Invidia downpipe will let the turbo spool up quicker and let the engine make more power from peak to redline.



We prefer the GrimmSpeed catted downpipe for a number of reasons.  It has a well designed flange with a divorced wastegate pipe for better turbine flow out of the turbo.  It also places the catalytic section farther down the pipe in a better location.  Fit and finish with GrimmSpeed products are second to none so you can ensure a great fitment.


Fuel Pump

We suggest considering adding an upgraded fuel pump to any Subaru to help keep the engine supplied with more fuel.  We recommend it on older Subaru, especially the 02-05 WRX, 04-07 STi and anything approaching 100,000 miles.   We also recommend it on the 2015+ STi because these cars make a bit extra power with their newer turbo design and they can max out the stock fuel pump, especially in colder climates.



You can retain your stock catback exhaust sytem or choose any option you wish to go with this package.  Check out our catback options and add one on if you like.

  • What's Included

    • Cobb AccessPort V3
    • GrimmSpeed high flow catted downpipe
    • 3 port boost controller
    • Custom tune
  • Fitment

    2004-2017 STi

    2002-2014 WRX

    2005-2009 LGT

    2004-2014 FXT

Subaru model
Fuel Pump Upgrade

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