GrimmSpeed TMIC Kit - 2015+ WRX

GrimmSpeed TMIC Kit - 2015+ WRX

Replace that undersized, plastic stock intercooler with a GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler Kit, featuring cast aluminum end tanks, large bar and plate core and TIG welded construction. The factory FA20dit TMIC is well-suited for stock applications, but when boost levels are increased, the higher post-turbo air temps contribute to pre-detonation (or 'knock') and loss in power. The GrimmSpeed intercooler is designed to keep charge temps consistent during aggressive driving so that the rest of your parts can work to make power.


Quick Specs


  • 13.1in x 10in x 3.75in Cross Flow Core - careful balance of high heat transfer and low pressure drop
  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks - featuring machined splitter mounting features
  • 5-Ply Silicone Couplers - custom molded and reinforced for demanding environments
  • Fully-Integrated Two-Piece Splitter - collects air from the entire width of the scoop and feeds it directly to the core
  • Water Meth 1/8 NPT Bung - Cast into the outlet end tank, CNC machine tapped and plugged for future use
  • Vibration Isolation Mounting - protect the intercooler system from fatigue due to vibration by reusing the factory mounts
  • Cleaned, Inspected and Sealed Prior to Shipping - prevent motor damage due to foreign matter



Product options:


Black Thermal Dispersant Coating ($150) - Adds a black coating to the TMIC designed to help shed away heat faster.


GrimmSpeed Charge Pipe ($245) - Adds the GrimmSpeed charge pipe which connects the turbo to the TMIC.  This charge pipe improves the airflow and creates a much smoother powerband and better top end power.


  • Fitment

    2015+ WRX