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GFB TMS Respons Blow Off Valve

GFB TMS Respons Blow Off Valve

This is the Go Fast Bits TMS Respons Hybrid Blow Off Valve. TMS stands for Turbo Management System which features a design that helps to reduce turbo lag, and it can return the engine back to peak boost in between shifts by as much as 30% faster than the factory diverter valve. 


With this BOV, you get the patented adjustable venting bias system found in the Stealth FX system. This system allows you to control the amount of air vented to atmosphere, or recirculated back into the intake to control the venting sound based on driver preference.  And by properly tuning the venting ratio, it is possible that you can achieve a vented blow-off valve sound without triggering a check engine light, or other problems such as running rich, stalling, or other problems associated with vent to the atmosphere style blow off valves on cars with MAF sensors. 


This blow-off valve will come with new hardware, as well as a tool to make it ready for the installation. 


No tuning is requried for this BOV.


There are three different fitments for this part depending on your Subaru model/year.

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