FT86 Ecutek N/A E-Tune

FT86 Ecutek N/A E-Tune

Get a custom Ecutek E-Tune for your naturally aspirated BRZ or FR-S.


You must already have a Ecutek license, dongle and flash cable to use this E-tune.  It does not include any of these things.  If you need a flash kit and license, use the FTSpeed tuning package which includes an E-Tune done by Boosted Performance.


Any modifications are supported as long as the car does not have forced induction from a supercharger or turbo charger.  We offer a separate tune for that.


We can tune for a single fuel including E85 or you can add-on another map mode and we can tune for two fuel types and you'll have a separate map mode for each one you can switch between.  You can also add flex fuel hardware to your car and add the flex fuel add-on to have a tune done that seamlessly handles any blend of gas and E85.


All tunes support map switching which can be configured to your liking if you have the need for different settings in separate modes.


All tunes offer launch control, flat foot (no lift) shifting and auto-blip downshifting.  These can be turned on or off at your request.


We can also do a burble map as an add-on map mode.  This map mode will make the car's exhaust crackle or pop and bang on very light throttle application above a certain RPM.

    Second Fuel Type
    Flex Fuel
    Burble Map

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