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Cobb FMIC - 2015 - 2018 STi

Cobb FMIC - 2015 - 2018 STi

The Cobb Front Mount Intercooler is one of the best options on the market for your Subaru.  It is rated to support over 800 whp.  The fit and finish are second to none as expected with any Cobb product.


You can option this intercooler out in a number of ways depending on your needs which can range from core only with your own custom piping all the way to Cobb's piping kits which can accomodate different turbo flange setups.  These options are laid out below.




Color - Choose between silver or black for the FMIC core itself.



Hot side piping - this is the piping from the turbo to the intercooler.  These are your options:


- None - you make or have your own piping made


- Yes ($350) - this will connect to your stock or stock location STi style flanged turbo



Cold side piping this is the piping from the intercooler to the intake manifold.  It is desinged to work with stock and can be adapted to work with many upgraded manifolds.


- None - you make or have your own piping made


- Yes ($350)



Coolant Overflow Kit - Helpful for extra clearance when running intercooler piping.  The Cobb solution cleans things up and gives you more space to run the pips.  Options:


- None - Work around stock, make your own or use something aftermarket.


- Cobb kit ($145)



Bypass valve (BPV) - The Cobb cold side piping for the 08+ STi has a 1" BOV port on the piping and includes a coupler.  You can use the Cobb Universal XLE valve or anything with a 1" connection.  You can also choose an adapter to use stock STi style flanged bypass valve which works with the stock valve or any vale that replaces it.  These are your options:


- None - Use your own stock or stock fitment BPV (08-14 WRX) or use a 1" universial style BPV.
- Cobb XLE ($295) - Add the Cobb XLE valve. 
- Cobb BPV adapter ($55) - Add this adapter to support a stock or stock fitment STi style BPV.

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