Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

Take advantage of E85 the right way with Flex Fuel.  This kit allows the ECU to monitor ethanol content on the fly so the tune can automatically adjust for any blend of ethanol.  Once fully tuned, you can run any mixture of gasoline and ethanol safely.  No more worrying about how much ethanol you are getting from a particular station or when the seasons change.


Fuel Pressure Monitoring Option

It is possible to purchase the flex fuel sensor kit only but it is strongly recommended to include the fuel pressure monitoring because of its value to the safety of the engine.  This extra sensor allows the ECU to monitor fuel pressure and make real time compensations as needed.  Additionally, you are able to monitor fuel pressure and the compensations to know when there is an issue which can prevent catastrophic engine failure.

The 2015 - 2018 WRX with the FA20 engine does NOT require or use this fuel pressure monitoring option so it cannot be added on.