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BPT 2008+ STi NexGen Flex Fuel Adder Package

BPT 2008+ STi NexGen Flex Fuel Adder Package

This package is intended for EJ engine powered Subaru owners already at the "Stage 2" level meaning you have a Cobb AccessPort V3 and aftermarket downpipe.  You can also already have an upgraded intake, intercooler, header or exhaust mods.  Your fuel system should be stock if you are looking at this package.  You must also have a Subaru that has Cobb NexGen Flex Fuel support available.


This package adds the fuel upgrades needed to run E85 and a flex fuel kit so you can run any blend of gas and E85 and account for the various season ethanol blends safely.  Flex fuel is simply the best way to run E85 safely.

Included in the base package:


- ID1050x fuel injectors with plug and play adapters

- DW300 or DW300c fuel pump kit
- Cobb NexGen Flex Fuel kit with fuel pressure monitoring/safety


Options you can add to this pacakge:

- 3 port boost controller ($110) helps reach and sustain higher boost targets on E85


- Mini Fuelab fuel pressure regulator kit ($275) - helps eliminate the common fuel stumble associated with running larger fuel injectors.  Recommended on the 2008+ STi and can also be helpful for 2008-2014 WRX models.  You can view this kit HERE


Other recommended considerations:

Upgraded air intake - will improve power output at the higher boost levels on E85.

Upgraded bypass valve - will hold higher peak boost values on E85 - browse our selection and add one on if you like.



2008+ STi

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