BPT FA Flex Fuel Adder Package

BPT FA Flex Fuel Adder Package

This package is intended for 2015+ Subaru WRX  (FA engine) owners that want to add flex fuel to their car.  You must already have a Cobb AccessPort and you can have any other combination of bolt-on modifications.  This pacakge assumes your fuel pump is stock; if you have upgraded it, you only need to buy the Cobb Flex Fuel kit.


This package adds the fueling upgrade needed to run E85 and a flex fuel kit so you can run any blend of gas and E85 and account for the various season ethanol blends safely.  Flex fuel is simply the best way to run E85 safely.

Included in the base package:


-  DW fuel pump kit
- Cobb Flex Fuel kit with fuel



2015+ WRX


Tuning Options:


BPT Tune Add FlexChoose this option if you already have a custom tune from us and we will enable flex fuel for your tune and do a remote tune to dial it in.


BPT Custom Flex Tune - Choose this option if you need a full flex fuel tune for your car and we will do a custom Flex Fuel E-tune for your setup.


None - Choose this option if you do not need a tune or are coming to get tuned in person.