BPT EJ500 Heads Upgrade Package

BPT EJ500 Heads Upgrade Package

This package gives you everything you need to build your heads to support 500+ whp on your Subaru.  We utilize GSC Billet camshafts, GSC +1 Stainless Intake and Exhaust valves and GSC Beehive Springs.  We also include a set of JE Pro Seal headgaskets.  Simply remove your heads and drop them off with these parts to a machine shop that works on Subaru heads and re-install with the new provided head gaskets.


Fitment options include:


Non-AVCS (- $50) - 2002 - 2005 WRX EJ205 non AVCS engines

Single AVCS - 2004-2007 STi / 2006-2014 WRX & all single AVCS EJ25 engines

Dual AVCS (+ $50) - 2008+ STi Dual AVCS engines


GSC Billet Camshaft options include:



The S2 cams are built to suit the high horsepower Subarus. With a power range of 500WHP and up, you need some certain mods to utilize the true potential of the S2s. Built motor, with a built/ported head, and a Turbo capable of supporting 500+whp. 



The S3 cams are built to suit the high horsepower drag Subarus. With a power range of 750-1000WHP and a rev range of 4500-9500rpms, you need some certain mods to utilize the true potential of the S3s.  A larged rotated turbo and full supporting mods are recommended before considering these cams.


We recommend the S2 cam choice for street and road course applications and only recommend the S3 applicaiton for drag racing applications where the target horsepower level will exceed 700 whp.


GSC +1 Stainless Intake / Exhaust valves


GSC valves are designed to create the best performance and longest lasting valves available to the aftermarket. Using advanced 3D design and simulation programs they have created a stronger and higher flowing valve head design. GSC flow tests prototype valve heads in the specific applications to make sure they have the highest flowing valve head available on the market today. With the materials used they have less valve distortion at the face than any of the tested designs. Less distortion allows or better sealing under extreme conditions and more consistent performance threw the life of the valve.  GSC Power-Division's new valves are sure to become the industries standard for sport compact performance valves. 


GSC Beehive Spring Set


GSC Power-Division Beehive springs feature some of the most impressive manufacturing techniques in the industry. Our beehive spring uses an ovate wire which utilizes advanced material heat treatment methods for superior load loss capabilities. What this means to you is our spring has the highest level of spring load retention while still maintaining good fatigue threw out the life of the spring. Only the best materials go into the GSC Power-Division Beehive valve spring. Each batch is scrutinized for tensile strength properties, ductility, inclusion content, and fatigue toughness.

The beehive valve spring shape has become the buzz lately. Some have inquired as to the benefits of a beehive spring vs the dual springs that are sold by others. While some might find that the beehive spring design is new it has been used commonly in many OE engines as well as in all of the NASCAR and F1 engines of today. Why? The beehive shape is more stable than standard single or dual cylindrical springs. The beehive design which incorporates an ovate wire is more than capable of the performance demands that were previously only matched by a Dual Springs. With the smaller and lighter retainer used on the beehive valve spring allow for higher RPM and more valve control.  So beehive valve springs, with there lighter weight retainers allow for engine's to rev quicker and maintain a more stable valve motion than the traditional cylindrical springs of yesteryear.

Beehive Spring Benefits:

  • Rev faster
  • Lighter components
  • More durable design
  • Less stress on valvetrain components
  • Lower spring frequency for more precise valve control.
  • More valve control equals more aggressive cam profiles
  • Nano peened for faster break in and less stressed springs
  • All of these items help to return more power for you to enjoy!


The GSC 5043 Beehive valve spring set, and Grade 5 Titanium retainers. This kit is capable of 9500+ RPMS, with as much as 11.5mm lift cams.


JE Pro Seal Head Gaskets

JE Pro Seal Subaru MLS head gaskets are manufactured from stainless steel material. The multi-layer design is embossed and tempered for a long service life. The gaskets include a proprietary four step coating process after embossing which features a silicone coat for improved sealing properties. 


  • Multilayer Stainless Steel Head gasket
  • Embossed and tempered
  • Long service life
  • Proprietary 4 step coating process (After embossing)