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BPT EJ Stage 3 Tune Package

BPT EJ Stage 3 Tune Package

This package takes your Subaru from stock to Stage 3 with our custom tune.  The package includes a Cobb AccessPort V3, an Cobb GESI catted high-flow downpipe, Cobb SF Intake with air box, Cobb 3 port boost controller, ID 1050x fuel injectors and Deatschwerks 300 or 300c fuel pump.


This package improves upon our Stage 2+ package by including fuel system upgrades to ensure that you do not reach fueling limits.  These fuel upgrades allow for the future use of E85/Flex Fuel or larger turbo chargers.




We include a Cobb GESI catted high-flow down-pipe in our package.  This allows your car to remain road legal and not have check engines lights for catalyitic converter performance due to the GESI cat that is used.





You can retain your stock catback exhaust sytem or choose any option you wish to go with this package.  Check out our catback options and add one on if you like.

  • What's Included

    • Cobb AccessPort V3
    • Cobb GESI Catted Downpipe
    • Cobb SF Intake
    • 3 port boost controller
    • ID1050x fuel injectors w/ adapters
    • DW300 or DW300c fuel pump
    • Custom tune
  • Fitment

    2007-2018 STi

    2002-2014 WRX



Intake Hose Color
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