The BPT EJ Flex package  gets you everything you need to take your Subaru from stock straight to Stage 2+ with fuel upgrades and flex fuel capabilities.  


Inlcuded in this package is a Cobb AccessPort V3, high flow catted downpipe, Cobb SF intake, Cobb 3 port BCS, ID1050x fuel injectors (with plug and play adapters), an upgraded fuel pump, Cobb Flex Fuel kit with fuel pressure monitoring, and of course our custom Flex Fuel Tune.


You end up with everything you need to make 290-300 whp on 91-93 oct and around 340-350 whp on E85.  The fuel upgrades in this pacakge can support a little over 400 whp on E85 so there's room to add power later on.


Top Feed Conversion

The 2004 - 2006 STi and 2005 - 2006 LGT come with side feed style injectors which means the ID1050x injectors are not a direct fit without a top feed conversion kit.  This add-on gives you the proper injectors (different O-ring setup), a set of Injector Dynamics fuel rails and the Injector dynamics fuel line kit which is everything you need to convert to top feed with these injectors.  If you choose not to do this add on, you'll be responsible for doing your own top feed conversion.  This can be accomplished with top feed style OEM TGV housings and fuel lines from a top feed car or with top feed style TGV deletes and build your own fuel lines or purchase a pre-made kit.



For the 2008+ WRX/STi and the 05+ LGT the package includes an X-Force catted downpipe with a bolt-in catalytic section that can be swapped out with the supplied non-catted section for racing use.  This is not avaiable for the 2002-2007 Impreza or 2004-2008 FXT fitment at this time so for these models we include the Cobb high flow catted downpipe as we find it is one of the best catted downpipes available.  The price difference in this package from X-Force to Cobb is $100 for the 02-07 Impreza and 04-08 FXT fitment.



You can retain your stock catback exhaust sytem or choose any option you wish to go with this package.  Check out our catback options and add one on if you like.

  • Fitment

    2004-2017 STi

    2002-2014 WRX

    2005-2009 LGT

    2004-2014 FXT

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Top Feed Conversion

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