Dyno tuning in Colorado is done at Under Pressure Performance in Colorado Springs.  Boosted Performance rents time on their dyno and handles the scheduling directly.  There are a number of performance shops in the Denver and Colorado Springs area we can work with but not have a direct affiliation with any of them and operate independently.  We can supply a base tune to you or your shop if needed.

Dyno rates here include a set allocation of time that is appropriate to complete each level of tuning.  If a car runs over that allocation due to mechanically issues, the owner will be responsible for the extra dyno time which is $100 per hour, charged in half hour increments. Second fuel/flex fuel tuning add-on pricing does account for the normal extra dyno time needed.

Stock turbo: $650

Upgraded turbo: $700

Rotated turbo: $800
Second fuel type or Flex fuel: $200


N/A any mods: $600

Turbo/Supercharged: $725

Second fuel type of Flex fuel: $250

MK Supra / BMW B58 with Ecutek

Stock turbo, license needed: $1225  (Includes the needed Ecutek License & Unlocking Service)

Stock turbo, existing license: $725  (You must already have an Ecutek license on your ECU)


R35 GT-R

Stock turbo: $750

Upgraded turbo: $850

Second fuel type or Flex fuel: $200

Evo X / Focus RS and ST / VW Golf R and GTI

Stock turbo: $650

Upgraded turbo: $700

Second fuel type: $250

Stand-alone ECU Tuning (Motec, Haltech, AEM, Link, EcuMasters, etc)

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